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Babel Ink was created by authors, for authors.”

Rob Babel here, lokinasgophile, communication enthusiast and self-publisher. Several years ago, I worked as an assistant to the publisher of the longest running permaculture journal in North America and got my first taste of the publishing world. Long passionate about writing and communication, I partnered with my buddy Matt in 2012 to expand the reach of his site, www.180degreehealth.com, and spearheaded his entry into the eReader, print-on-demand paperback, and audiobook world. Realizing I have a knack and a passion for the process, and that all my time spent learning the ropes could be of value to others, he and I founded Babel  as an umbrella outfit for all one’s independent publishing needs. My goal is to help authors and entrepreneurs navigate the self-publishing landscape as painlessly as possible.  From cover design and editing to ghostwriting and audiobook production, we let the content creators focus on whatever it is they love to do while we add efficiency and professionalism to the rest of the process

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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