Bad Memories: Asylum

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© Douglas Sandler 2017

Chapter One

Doctor Peter Alexander was a naive man who was capable, but only saw what he wanted to see. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in July 1950 forty-fifth in a class of seventy. He worked as a doctor at Bellview Psychiatric Hospital, New York City, New York he called it a ‘mental warehouse institution’. His supervisors gave him passing marks as a doctor, but noted his lack of courage and observation. In August 1957, he got a job at the Middleton Home for the Criminally Insane in Jonesville, Florida. As he drove up to the aging grey stone building at first glance it did not seem to encourage visitors. Green moss hung from the trees on the grounds and as he drove onto the property, the light seemed to dim.

This job was a step up in pay and advancement as a full doctor of psychiatric medicine. His days as a junior doctor were over. As he parked his car and approached the Middleton Asylum main building, he had a premonition that he should turn around, he could not let Doctor Mallard down. The air was muggy and damp making him sweat like a man about to be hanged. The grey stone walls were dripping with moisture and thick black metal bars covered the doors and windows.

As he entered the administration doors he could hear screams drowning out the sounds of birds. He approached the armed guard at the desk, set his suitcase down and asked, “Which way to Doctor Jennings office?”

“Head down the blue corridor to the sixth door on the left.”

Doctor Alexander noticed each of the four hallways had color coded stripes on the floor. He picked up his suitcase and said, “Thanks a lot.” As he headed down the hallway with the blue stripe.

The guard said, “Can I get a name and why you’re here for the log?”

“Doctor Peter Alexander, the new doctor here.”       “Welcome to Middleton, Doctor Alexander hope you like it here.” The guard said with a foreboding tone, but Doctor Alexander missed the point.

Doctor Alexander walked down the hallway, and he stopped in front of a glass and wooden door with ‘Doctor Jennings, Facility Administrator’ on it. He opened the door, entered then he saw Doctor Jennings, appearing to be about sixty-five, with a mane of grey unkempt hair and the look of a man possessed.

“Doctor Jennings? I am Doctor Peter Alexander your new doctor.”

Doctor Jennings looked up but did not get up to shake hands. “Welcome to Middleton, Doctor Alexander I hope you had a great trip down here. Doctor Mallard spoke great things about you, and we need a doctor who is versed in new techniques of treating the mentally retarded. We work on call 24/7. You will sleep in the staff quarters and eat in the employees dining hall. You will be paid monthly on the 3rd Friday and have your laundry done on site. Do you have any questions?”

“What type of people will I be caring for? Are they dangerous?”

“You will care for the patients with various psychoses, borderline neuroses and impulse control disorders, who can get violent. I will have the asylums head nurse give you a tour, if you have any questions, just ask.”

As Doctor Jennings picked up the phone to call the asylum’s head nurse, Doctor Alexander replied, “Thank You, Doctor Jennings I’ll do That.”

About ten minutes later the door to the office opened and the head nurse entered. She was 5’6,” thin and pale with a cold chill about her and a look of a woman frustrated and denied something.

“Nurse Jackie Devois, this is Doctor Peter Alexander our new doctor. Please show him to the staff quarters, and then give him the fifty-cent tour.”

Doctor Alexander picked up his suitcase and followed the nurse out of the administration building. They headed to a two story white building, and as he followed her he heard more screams and cries and asked Nurse Jackie, “What or who is screaming and crying?”

With contempt in her voice, “Oh, that’s just the retards who can’t communicate and have to be restrained and they don’t like that.”

Replying to her statement sort of irritated, “I believe the correct term is mentally ill Nurse Jackie.”

She turned to look at him, “You’re not one of those new doctors with modern ideas on how to treat retarded people are you?”

“What do you mean by that?” He might lack courage for confrontation, but he believed in treating the mentally ill with respect. She did not respond and as they entered the last room on the left she said, “This will be your quarters.  Breakfast is at 6AM, lunch is at 12 noon and dinner at 6PM and any other meals the diner in town is open 24/7. Put your bags down and I’ll finish giving you the tour.”

As they walked Doctor Alexander asked Nurse Jackie more out of hating the silence than anything else, “How long have you worked at Middleton?”

“28 years and it’s been a horrible 28 years. I started working here October 1929, and the crazy people were crazy. Since we were understaffed we had to take radical steps.”

“What radical steps?”

“We performed sterilizations under the eugenics movement to control the population, so crazy and feeble people could not reproduce.”

Doctor Alexander remembered that the eugenics movement which occurred in the United States between 1891-1942 in earnest, led to the Nazi final solution and was glad it was on its way out. He lost what little respect he had for Nurse Jackie.

As they entered building B, he noticed some patients sitting in chairs, while some mumbled incoherently, with others gesturing widely while shaking their heads side to side, for a moment Doctor Alexander wondered should he stay or run? Doctor Alexander thought back to medical school and when he first interned at an asylum, the two events did not compare.

Nurse Jackie told him, “This building houses the crazy and violent people.”

As they walked down the hall Nurse Jackie continued, “that door on the right marked ‘ELECTRO’ is where we do electroshock treatment and we do about 10 a day. Doctor Alders is in charge of the Neuro Department.”


After the tour they entered the staff cafeteria and got their food. Doctor Alexander looks around at the half-empty room and ponders what he has seen. Nurse Jackie gets up leaving him alone. Just then a man in a white doctor’s coat sits down with his tray and says, “I’m Jerry Rodgers, Senior Medical Assistant nice to meet you.”

“I’m Doctor Alexander, nice to meet you too, where do you work?”

“I work all over the asylum assisting the doctors in whatever they need. Lately I’ve been working in building D and it’s not been fun.”

“What do you mean not fun?”

“Well, that’s where the rest of the violent patients are kept and where the lobotomies are done.”

To Doctor Alexander Mr. Rodgers seems normal and enthusiastic about his job. It was 1:30 PM on September 11th 1957, when Doctor Alexander left the bathroom and rejoined Mr. Rodgers then both men left the cafeteria. An alarm goes off and they see a naked man running out of building D followed by two armed men. In 30 seconds Doctor Alexander sees the man get shot. Laughing the two guards who don’t wait to see if he’s dead, put him on a stretcher and take him back into the building. Doctor Alexander turns to look at Mr. Rodgers wanting to change the subject to forget what he just saw.

“What is up with Nurse Jackie? She seems cold.”

“Well, she was raised by a single mom after her father left and her mom went crazy. Her mom had several boyfriends who told Jackie that she was a burden, and her mom told her she needed to dominate and use men if she wanted anything in life.”

Doctor Alexander tried to picture her innocent but couldn’t. “she became a nurse because she needed a job and nursing will always be around. She follows the spirit of nursing but not the humanity of it. Jackie told me that she hates it when men are in control, she wants to be running things. Even Doctor Jennings will not mess with her. I forgot to add she is somewhat cold, bitchy and sexually obsessed so watch out for her”

Doctor Alexander reflected back to his own parents and the dysfunctional nature of their relationship. His mom found men elsewhere which led to his parents’ divorce.

About two hours later he’s in building B taking care of a patient named Harry. He took the man’s blood pressure, listened to his heart then took the required blood sample for the lab.

Harry cries out in pain as Doctor Alexander inserts the needle into a vein to draw blood. “Relax Harry, I have to do this so we can see how your medication is working.”

Doctor Alexander preferred to explain why he was doing something to the patient. While he noticed some of the other staff did not explain things they just did it. Doctor Alexander continued, “how are you feeling? Have the voices returned? Do you still feel that the staff here is out to get you?”

“The shots she gives me hurt like hell and half the time Nurse Jackie won’t tell me why she gives them to me. I like the fact that you explain everything so I can understand. I feel that you’re the only nice person here.”

“Thank you Harry. I try to treat people as humans and with respect.”

Just then, Nurse Jackie enters Harry’s room saying, “Aren’t you finished with him yet! There are others to be seen so don’t spend so much damn time on the them, 20 minutes is the max per patient do you understand?”

Doctor Alexander gets up and challenges Nurse Jackie by saying, “I WILL spend as much time as I need to be sure the patient understands why I am doing things to them, I AM a doctor and you’re ONLY a nurse.”

Nurse Jackie’s eyes flash and she takes a threatening step forward approaching him. Doctor Alexander realizes he might have overstated his words. As she approaches he says to himself SHIT! I might have gone too far with this.

Nurse Jackie stops and says in a cold hollow voice, “WE WILL talk about this later and you WILL learn your place here.”

She leaves and Harry says, “Doctor Alexander! You should not have talked like that to her. She can be a nasty bitch and holds grudges and everyone is scared of her.”

“Keep this to yourself, but she does scare the hell out of me.”

“She’s inviting to your doom Doctor Alexander.”

Before Doctor Alexander leaves Harry’s room Harry asks, “Why don’t you leave Middleton? Surely you can open a practice and be free of all this crap.”

“Harry! I can’t leave. You need money to open a practice and the field of psychiatry is NOT in great demand and I need patients. I have not used my medical/surgical skills in years and I would hate to fail.”

That night as Nurse Jackie sat in her room at the asylum thinking over what her mother told her before she died, men were good for only two things, sex and material goods. My mom’s many men were nothing but pawns for her amusement.

I learned this from my mom. I hate men because the men in my mom’s life treated me like crap so I learned to use and abuse men when required. Yes, I felt bad about what I did to Mr. Rodgers brother, what I am doing to Doctor Jennings and what I will to do to Doctor Alexander.

Nurse Jackie was thinking to herself I am not a bad person I just have desires and needs that I want filled. I hate my mom and those men who were in my life growing up for making me who I am. She cried for five minutes then stopped, resolved not to show weakness and then took a shower and went to bed dreaming what she was going to do to Doctor Alexander.







Chapter Two

Patient Sam Jones was committed to Middleton twenty-six years ago with psychotic problems and a manic depressive mentality. He blamed his wife who committed him. The medicine they gave him kept his manic episodes down and helped with his psychotic issues as well. The morning of October 5, 1957, the door to the room he shared with Tony Phillips another manic depressive opened and Doctor Alexander entered saying, “Good morning Mr. Jones.”

“Morning Doctor Alexander.”

“How are your moods doing today?”

“I am on a happy even keel thanks for asking. You’re the only doctor who asks how any of us patients are doing, all the patients want me to tell you that we appreciate your bedside manners.”

“Your welcome. Do you have any health issues to tell me about while I check your blood pressure?”

Doctor Alexander checked Mr. Jones’s blood pressure and after five minutes the patient replied, “One of the patients told my roomie that you better watch yourself around that crazy bitch Nurse Jackie. She has her eyes set on you and she already put one man in here so watch yourself.”

“What did your roommate say she has planned?” “Well, Doctor Alexander she wants to have constant sex with you and to make you her slave. She also wants to dominate you.”

Doctor Alexander left the room and thought to himself, what do I do if Nurse Jackie tries what Mr. Jones suggests? Doctor Alexander left building B and headed to the cafeteria and wondered if should I tell the asylum director or stay silent?

As he walked to lunch considering what to do if Nurse Jackie made her move. It was a chess game between himself and Nurse Jackie who would win? It was as if his thoughts summoned her, she caught up to him and said “Good afternoon, Doctor Alexander.”

“Good afternoon Nurse Jackie.”

They walked to the employee cafeteria and Nurse Jackie said out of the blue, “What type of sex do you like?”

She said it as if it was decided and finalized. Before he could respond to her matter of fact statement she said, “You will NOT refuse! If you do, I’ll see that you suffer for it.”

With an irate look on his face Doctor Alexander said through clenched teeth, “WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO, YOU EVIL BITCH.”

She walks off but stopped and turned around with a look of pure hatred and scorn on her face she said, “YOU are dirt beneath my feet doctor or no doctor you understand me?”

“NO! No I am not! I have never allowed anyone to talk to me like that, remember your place you’re a nurse I AM a doctor.”

“I don’t care if you are a doctor you will do what I tell you to do.”

As everyone in the cafeteria turned to look Doctor Alexander felt a spring of courage, “I will not let you do anything Nurse Jackie.” He said to himself as she approached I may have overstepped my boundaries this could get very bad.

She took two steps toward him with a look of pure hatred on her face and a threatening gleam in her eyes, he said to himself OH SHIT!

“I will have your job or life if you refuse. I AM in charge here not you or Doctor Jennings remember that.”

She stormed off slamming the door. He realizes that there might be no escaping. He said to himself maybe this is why people went insane. She walks off and he’s left wondering what to do. Suddenly the thick black bars on the doors and windows started too close in.

Just then Doctor Steve Daniels who he was told is a manic depressive entered got his food and sat down. Doctor Daniels turns and says, “Something bothering you Peter?”

“Yes Steve. Nurse Jackie is making my life hell. She just threatened give her sex or else. I’m not sure what to do any ideas?”

“Don’t talk to Doctor Jennings about this.”

“Why not?”

“Because, if anyone complains to him about her or anything else it gets back to her and she will have that person put through shock treatment. This asylum is hers and she won’t let it go.”

“What your saying is that I must have sex with her?”

“Yes. Give it to her however many times she wants it. That man you saw get shot when you first arrived here and carried back inside, he was a patient who refused Nurse Jackie and she drove him mad then had him shot, also don’t go to the local police.”

“Why not?”

“Nurse Jackie has the county sheriff under her thumb, because his mom’s here and will be hurt if he takes any action to stop her, also the county officials earn forty dollars for each prisoner held at the asylum.”

“Why is that?

“The county jail is not set up for long term incarnation plus everyone earns.”

They continued eating and at 6:30 pm on November 5th 1957 Doctor Alexander received a note from Nurse Jackie to meet her in the basement of building B, then he realized with a shudder that was where the isolation cells were located, and they were soundproof.

At 7 pm he opened the rusted door to the basement which made a loud screech then it closed with a thud. The basement was dark and he spotted a room with an eerie dim light and headed on trembling legs towards it. He got to the door and pushed it open and there by a cot stood Nurse Jackie her naked body blocking the cold dim light with the look of naked longing on her cold face. He thought to himself as he shivered I am doomed and my hell awaits.

She said to him as he entered, “Welcome Peter now close the door strip naked and lay down on the cot NOW!”

Doctor Alexander got his jacket, shirt and t-shirt off, but hesitated when it came to unbuttoning his pants, but Nurse Jackie said, “Take it off NOW or I WILL do it for you!” He stood naked before her again shivering, her face softened as he laid down on the cot. While Doctor Alexander was getting sexually abused, John Edwards one of the security guards who knew where Nurse Jackie did her thing decides to help Doctor Alexander.

Doctor Alexander lay there trying to get his breath he realized that since the walls were padded no one heard him scream.  He thought to himself, I am shocked to have enjoyed the sex, I thought I would hate it, I feel guilty, dirty and depressed that I was forced to give in.

Nurse Jackie looked at him and said in a soft warm voice, “That was incredible! I never had such great sex.”

She cleaned them both up they got dressed and as they left building B Nurse Jackie said, “Let’s have sex Monday, Wednesday and Friday and whenever I want to.”

As they walked on he simply said, “NO! But I will still do it under protest.”

“I don’t care as long as I get what I want when I want it.”

Doctor Alexander had a late snack took a shower to wash her off his body then sat down at the table and finished his third bottle of whiskey. Thinking to himself I am a flawed person and a coward who is scared of facing hard realities. I must learn to develop my inner strength to save myself from Nurse Jackie. He then took off his robe and went to bed.

Doctor Alexander realized it was the two-year anniversary of his starting at the asylum. Two years of sex with Nurse Jackie and he decided to end it regardless of what happened. The morning of March 11, 1959 he caught Nurse Jackie in the hall way of building C and told her, “Were through! I am tired of being your foot stool and slave, so this ends it.” Doctor Alexander then turned and left.

At 7 am he ate breakfast and Mr. Rodgers sat down beside him and said, “Morning Peter.”

“Good morning Jerry.”

Mr. Rodgers turns to Doctor Alexander and says, “I figured out that you and Nurse Jackie are the same as you both had fucked up childhoods and are psychologically damaged.” Just then Doctor Samuels sat down and said, “Morning Peter. Jill Davis died last night.”

“How did she die.”

“Her heart just stopped, Nurse Jackie and Doctor Jennings tried to revive her but couldn’t.”

It was 9:30 am on March 12th he entered the room of a patient named Tommy Andrews and said, “How are you feeling Mr. Andrews?”

“Good morning Doctor Alexander. I have some constant headaches and weakness.”

Doctor Alexander looked at the chart he carried and saw that Mr. Andrews was being given 250 mg of Chlorpromazine, when the dosage was a maximum of 75 mg and he saw that Nurse Jackie ordered the increase. He called down to the pharmacy and told them that he was ordering a reduction to 75 mg ASAP.

The pharmacy manager said, “Ok, we’ll lower it and Doctor Alexander what do we do if Nurse Jackie reinstates the prior dose?”

“Since I AM a doctor and I outrank her you will ignore any more orders concerning this patient unless I order it.”

“Well, what do we do if Doctor Jennings orders us to increase the dosage?”

“Tell him I AM ordering you NOT to accept his ordering medication for this patient or I will report him and that goes for Nurse Jackie also understand?”

“Yes Doctor Alexander.”

Doctor Alexander then made the correction notation in the chart and wrote that he was the only one authorized to increase or withhold medicine.

Doctor Alexander then told Mr. Andrews that the 75 mg tabs were blue and the 250 mg were red. “Thanks Doctor Alexander, I also want to give you a heads up. Nurse Jackie is trying to lay the blame for Jill Davis’s death at your feet. She is pissed you’re not having sex with her anymore.”

“Has she told Doctor Jennings about it?”

“Doctor Jennings is her bitch and he lets her do what she wants, but he likes you and might just might be able to stop her.”

As Doctor Alexander sits in his room contemplating what to do about Nurse Jackie. He obviously needs to have more sex with her just to keep her happy, but that idea makes him sick. Yes. It’s true I enjoyed the sex but it also shames me to be forced into a sexual relationship with an evil wicked woman like Nurse Jackie.

It was about 10:30 pm on August 11, 1959 when his phone rings. It is the night shift nurse of building C. Patient Tommy Andrews is in serious medical distress and wants to see him before he dies.

Doctor Alexander throws on his clothing and runs down the stairs two at a time and in five minutes gets to Tommy Andrews room. As Doctor Alexander enters, he sees Andrews pale and bleeding as the medical assistants try to stop it, as he gets closer he can see his wrists have been slashed up and down instead of left to right.

“Doctor Alexander! Please come closer…I need to tell you something.” Andrews gasps out.

Doctor Alexander bends over Andrews and Andrews whispers “It was Nurse Jackie who slit my wrists.”

“Why would she do that?”

“Because I told Nurse Jackie she was an evil slut for forcing you to have sex with her, and because she was a retched human being. She said before she left that she would not let you help the patients anymore”

Then Tommy Andrews was dead murdered, but how to prove it. Doctor Alexander stormed off to find Nurse Jackie and he found her walking out of a store room. “OK! Damn it, I’ll have more sex with you.” He told her hotly.

“I’m glad you came to your senses Peter, it’s a shame those two died all because you refused me.” She purred softly.

“What type of sick bitch are you? To kill two people just to force me to continue to sleep with your pale ass.” Since Doctor Alexander was lucky and had the next three days off, he got two more bottles of whiskey and got drunk hoping to chase away the nightmare that was Middleton.



Chapter Three

As the clouds outside darkened the hallway which could have been a bad omen. Nurse Jackie looked at him and softly and said, “Don’t ever think of trying to link me to the deaths. Don’t forget I will tell you when you will or won’t sleep with me, remember I am in charge here NOT you or Doctor Jennings.”

That night Nurse Jackie tells Doctor Alexander to meet her in their usual place he noticed it was 7 pm on February 10, 1960. Doctor Alexander lays there showing pleasure on the outside, but weeping on the inside weeping for his shame at the pleasure he feels.

She climbs off him and cleans them both up she says, “Sorry about killing those people Peter. You should have known it was your fault.”

“Are we done yet?”

“Yes, we are.”


Doctor Alexander leaves first and heads to his room to take a shower to wash Nurse Jackie off his body. As he heads towards his sleeping quarters he runs into Doctor Jennings. Doctor Jennings says, “Can I talk to you a minute Peter?”

“What do you need Randolph? What can I do for you?”

“I understand that Nurse Jackie is doing to you, what she was and still is doing to me.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s forcing you to have sex with her and threatening you that if you don’t she will hurt you, tell me that I am wrong?”

Unsure of how to answer Doctor Alexander pauses before answering and replies, “YES. Yes, she is! I am not sure if I should talk to you about this. I tried to stop her from forcing me, but two patients died and she plans on hanging it on me if I refuse to have sex with her.”

“Let me think on it, I might have something.”

As they leave neither sees Nurse Jackie watching them, wondering what they were talking about. The next morning Doctor Alexander is eating breakfast when Jerry Rodgers one of the ten medical assistants on staff and his friend sits down beside him and speaks.

“I heard you and Doctor Jennings had a talk about a certain nurse. I also heard that this nurse is wondering what you talked about.”

“What does that evil bitch Nurse Jackie know?”

“Nothing. Just that the two of you talked about her and she wonders what it was about. The reason I wanted to talk to you was, well you know what Nurse Jackie did to my brother William? Did you know they knew each other and dated till she committed him?”

“No. No I didn’t. What happened?”

“Well, my brother met Nurse Jackie in March 1931 while I was still a new medical assistant and they dated. At that time several patients died and there was corruption in the asylum administration and my brother while visiting me here witnessed some of it and went to the authorities.”

Doctor Alexander had a frown on his face as Mr. Rodgers continued, “they investigated and Nurse Jackie and the last asylum director Doctor McKay were charged but Doctor McKay was convicted for all of it. My brother tried to stop her dominating and controlling ways with him, but she had him committed. In those days it was easy to commit someone, you just needed three people to sign an affidavit and have it approved by a county judge and then I turned my back on him. It was because I was scared of Nurse Jackie. She has him here so she can show him and me that she has total control over us.”

“Let me see if I can help get your brother released from here.”

“Thanks Doctor Alexander and you might as well stop drinking as it don’t help and don’t trust him.” Mr. Rodgers pointed to a trustee named Jack.

As Mr. Rodgers leaves Jack comes over and sits down and says, “Doctor Alexander. I know Mr. Rodgers told you that I can’t be trusted, but you can trust me if you need anything let me know.”

It was several days later when Doctor Alexander noticed several of the male patients had fresh bruises on their faces and one had a broken hand. As he treated their injuries he asked one of the men who was named Walter, “Who broke your hand and gave you those bruises?”

Walter a violent manic depressive except when on his medicine replied, “I hurt my hand on Michael’s face.”

“Why did you hit Michael in the face?”

“Because Doctor Thomas told me too, and because we fight every thirty days.”

One of the other men who was named Paul responded when he saw the confused look on Doctor Alexanders face and said, “Doctor Thomas and several of the staff have us fight in the basement of D building and they bet on us, and the winner gets better treatment.”

Doctor Alexander went looking for Doctor Jennings. He found Doctor Jennings sitting on a bench lost in thought. “Randolph! We need to talk. Did you know some of the staff are holding fights between the patients in the basement of building D?”

“I’ll deal with it.”

Patients Sam Jones and Tony Phillips corner Doctor Alexander that morning inside the empty day room and Mr. Phillips speaks up first, “Doctor Alexander we need to talk to you about Nurse Jackie, Doctor Jennings and Jack.”

“What about them?”

“Jack was found dead last night heart attack and Doctor Jennings was there. Then early this morning before we got to you, Doctor Jennings had a nervous breakdown and had to be restrained and was made an emergency admission to the county hospital after he was found babbling with his wrists slit. He was taken to the county hospital because the ambulance attendants felt that something about it was all wrong, and I am told that the state authorities are going to investigate the asylum as well as Doctor Jennings sexual deviancy.”

Just then an announcement is broadcast over the asylums speakers for Doctor Alexander to report to the asylum director’s office ASAP.

As Doctor Alexander heads to the office, Nurse Jackie tried to sexually assault a male patient and the other patients have had enough and rioted trying to get Nurse Jackie.

As Doctor Alexander enters the office, he notices five state police and two men in suits who announce that they are from the state medical board and are taking over the asylum as certain facts were revealed and that their undercover officer was murdered. Just then alarms go off announcing serious trouble and as they all emerge from the admissions buildings they see fires in building B and patients running around. Six hours later after the fires are out and patients returned to their rooms the state police escort Nurse Jackie in handcuffs along with Doctor Samuels and Thomas out of building C.


Doctor Alexander sees a state police Captain named Franklin talking and saying to the handcuffed trio “Nurse Jackie Devois, Doctor Ben Samuels, Doctor Frank Thomas you all are under arrest for Manslaughter in the second degree four counts, Felony Murder first degree four counts, Aggravated False Imprisonment felony in the 3rd degree four counts, Neglect of a disabled adult felony in the 1st degree four counts, and Nurse Devois Sexual Battery Felony in the 1st degree five counts. Lieutenant take them away.” The two doctors and Nurse Jackie are led to a police car and the investigator of the state medical board turns to Doctor Alexander and says, “I am appointing you acting asylum director till I can get someone else from Gainesville.”

Doctor Alexander notices the date August 10, 1964, and its seven years since he arrived at Middleton, seven years of being Nurse Jackie’s slave that is all done now and he realizes he’s free.

Doctor Alexander askes the investigator, “Did you get the information about patient William Rodgers?”

“Yes I did. Here is the writ of release signed by the State Appeals court for his immediate release from confinement and restoration of his civil rights.”

Doctor Alexander goes up to William Rodgers room and upon entering sees his brother with him. “Well, Nurse Jackie and some doctors were arrested, and I am the acting asylum director. Here is your release and restoration of your civil rights, all signed by the Florida Court of Appeals.”

William Rodgers takes the papers reads then and simply says, “THANK GOD! I thought I’d never get out.”

“Well I hope you can get your life back and it was an honor to know you and good luck.” Doctor Alexander leaves the room and makes his rounds and everything looked great. He headed to the director’s office and upon entering saw a state trooper sitting where Doctor Jennings assistant would have sat. The trooper looks up rising and says, “Anything I can help you with Doctor Alexander?”

“Not right now, but thanks.”

Doctor Alexander sits at the desk and thinks back over the last seven years. He then thinks back over his twenty-seven-year medical career and decided to go into teaching and not to continue to see patients. He goes over to the typewriter and writes his resignation letter and makes it for the end of September 1964. Several reporters showed up and he took questions and gave answers and after ten minutes he ended the interviews.

At the end of September 1964, Doctor Alexander leaves the asylum for his new teaching job at Florida State University. As he stood overlooking the assembling students he realized for the first time he was happy.

The next morning Doctor Alexander wakes up looks around and wonders why he’s in a padded cell, then he sees he’s in the isolation room of building B and finally realizes GOOD GOD he’s at Middleton, chained to the bed and SHIT a patient. He sees Nurse Jackie naked standing over him with Doctor Jennings behind her and she has that evil sick smile and simply says, “Welcome back to hell Peter.” And Doctor Jennings simply says, “Insanity! I love seeing it, welcome home.” Doctor Alexander notices that Doctor Jennings is plugging in an electroshock machine and finally says “Now let’s have some fun.

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