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Amazon Book Description Writing

The importance of this step should not be understated. When a potential reader finds your book on Amazon, three things tend to matter most in determining whether that person decides to become your customer.

  • Your book cover.
  • Your book description. Your typical Amazon book browser’s thought process is: “your book cover had my attention. But with your book description, now you have my interest.”
  • Your reviews. Earning high quality, thoughtful reviews have much to do with the quality of your content and the strength of your authorship infrastructure.

Don’t squander the sales opportunity your book description offers—use it to meet and dissolve any objections your potential customer might have against parting ways with their money for your work. Convey to them what value you offer in exchange, and get them excited to see what you can bring to their life with your words.

For many people, once they have written their book, they may struggle with how to promote it and give it the best chance of success. It's so important to get the cover, title, and description right, as they can mean the difference between success and failure.
We can help new and established authors to succeed, and we can either re-write your Kindle book's description or write one from scratch for you.

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