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Hi indies,

Nowadays, there is a significant and ever-growing trend regarding the development of indie art, indie video games, indie films, indie music, and of course, indie literature that is, well, “independent” from commercial and mainstream establishment sources.  This is an exciting prospect; we highly support this trend because of the opportunities it gives to prospective artists around the world, as well as the contributions it makes to freedom of expression. We are aware that passionate writers with  a small or non-existent marketing budget can create unique pieces of art.  Our intention is to help reveal these hidden gems to the world.

The time when only a handful of publishers decided what we read and what stories were made available to us is past. In these days, a lot of published authors prefer to self-publish their books for a plethora of reasons, like more flexible scheduling, higher royalties, and increased motivation and self-esteem.

At this point, Babelsbook has an universal, all-inclusive approach to helping indie authors in publishing their work to a wider audience. We are really passionate about the services we provide, and we know that these services are essential for the indie literature community. In a niche market such as this, it’s crucial to have inclusive and accessible support when it comes to publishing your work.  Translating your literature into different languages is central to expanding your audience and receiving this support. We also believe such a service is very beneficial for  indie/small press authors who want to show their creation to the world – at an affordable price.

All this being said, we have started a blog on our website, which has a steadily growing audience. Babelsbook was launched in January of 2017 and we already have 1700 followers on Twitter (including many indie authors that write in Spanish and German) – and we are just getting started.

This is our call to action: short articles (around 1200 words) concerning the global indie authors’ community, or short stories of up to 1500 words by indie authors, book bloggers, reviewers and book professionals. The articles will be published under your name, of course, and will back-link to your own blog, if you have one. Moreover, the most popular articles every month will be translated into Spanish, German, and French.

Do you have any literary reflections, or a specific message to tell to fellow indie authors worldwide? Here’s your chance. We envision it to be a forum for the global indie authors’ community.  It’s your blog. We’re looking forward to publishing  your posts.


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