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It is very simple process. First contact us by email and give us information about your project (number of words).

We answer you and tell you of the final delivery date. If you wish to move, required to deposit half the amount in advance to bank account. You send us your text (electronic or hard-copy document).

Then we begin the work. We deliver within the specified date the translated text in word format and file can be published to Amazon. Also, send your cover image and a description. At that point you are obliged to pay the remainder.

Then instruct you on how to make the version on Amazon. 70% of sales revenues received by the Amazon. 30% of the author. The author has absolute control of configuration management for the sale of books (pricing, etc.). The total cost for all our services only for short period of time is at the price of euro 0.02 (2 cents) per word.

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