Professional Formatting

Formatting can be tricky; in order for a book to translate seamlessly across multiple viewing platforms, formatters need to be familiar with how the text should flow. When properly formatted, an eBook will look great regardless of the end user’s settings. We specialize in this service and make it easy for any author looking to expedite the process and avoid the headaches. We will format your finished manuscript (in MS Word format) so that it translates seamlessly across all viewing platforms.

We will manually format and convert your word document to a Kindle Book. Your final document will look 100% professional with a hyper-linked, clickable Table Of Contents.

Some of our features:

  • Professional design and layout of your pages, with correct title, paragraph and text styling applied.
  • Clickable table of contents and active weblinks. 
  • Correct page breaks inserted.
  • Formatting of introductory material such as title and copyright pages.
  • 100% guarantee approval by Amazon. 


Contact us if you have any questions.