Proofreading and editing


Before publishing a book  you need to make certain it communicates the message you want to convey in the most effective and concise way possible. It needs to be well written and free of spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Proofreading is something that many authors  believe they can achieve themselves. Unfortunately, this perception is incorrect. An extra set of eyes is absolutely necessary to putting your strongest foot forward. After a while, we don’t see what’s there so much as what we mean to say.

It has long been acknowledged that proofreading your own work will not give you the same result as having it edited by a professional. Most documents contain typographical errors or incorrect syntax that a professional editor or proofreader will quickly find and correct prior to it being published. Of course, most people believe they can read over their material and find all the ‘typos’, but the reality is that we are just not that good at reading our work objectively and spotting our own errors. Errors that are missed the first time are highly likely to be missed the second and subsequent times you proofread your document. Just one seemingly insignificant error can change the whole meaning of a sentence, and result in the text being perceived entirely differently to how you intended. We make sure that no embarrassing typos or inconsistent tenses find their way to your readers. We fix and perfect Spelling, Grammar, punctuation, Consistency, Readability, Clarity & flow, Incorrect word usage, Poor sentence structure, Tenses.

Submitting your work to us  will result in a final text that is polished and error free, thereby its readers form a positive impression of your work. This can have a huge impact on the success of a book. Proof-reading shows your followers that you care enough to put in the extra effort, and sets you apart from the crowd.


A well edited book is what separates good writing from great writing. We offer different types of editing, depending on the needs of the manuscript and the author; developmental-content editing, line editing and copy editing.

Copyediting - You're happy with the content, and you're ready to perfect it. The message is solid, the flow is great, but you're not sure if it's written well. Copyediting is perfect for you if you know what you want to say, you've attempted to say it, but you know it can be better. Line Editing - You got the words down, and that's a great start. You don't feel completely confident in the format, flow, wording and/or grammar, so you need another pair of eyes to scrutinize your text - line by line. Developmental Editing - You've got a message, but you're not sure how to say it. You may have written some words down, but you need help bringing your vision to life. Your work is in its earliest stages, and you don't want to waste your time figuring out the best way to deliver your story.

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