“As human society becomes ever more connected, it is vitally important that we preserve the rich and diverse languages of the world. As writers we already have a love affair with language and one way we can make a worthy contribution is to translate our stories so we create an inclusive environment for our fellow citizens across the world. Until very recently this has been a pipe dream for most of us. However, we now have the invaluable services of Babelsbook to help us with what would otherwise have been the stuff that dreams are made of. Not only do they use native speakers to translate the books, but their passion for the written word is second to none.
Translating my debut novel, Spark, into Spanish is the greatest milestone I've reached in my career thus far. Knowing that another soul has connected to my stories through the efforts of Babelsbook fills me with a deep sense of satisfaction. I therefore urge all writers who are serious about their craft to preserve their work in as many different languages as possible and to call upon the services of Babelsbook to help them with this goal”.

Rupert Dreyfus
"Having access to Babelsbook's services has been key to extending the reach of my novels to new markets and readers around the world. In addition, having my books translated into several languages increases my prestigue as an author, as well as my 'brand.' With Babelsbook, it is certain that you will find excellent, professional services at unbeatable prices. I recommend it without any doubt".

Enrique Laso